Solid wood flooring in London is a hit among most people who wish to redecorate their house. Not without reason – it is classy, antic and for most, it becomes a style statement that also accentuates the overall interior décor of the house. However, it is one of the most expensive types of wood floors – yet many homeowners still opt for it – let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind this.

Wood Flooring Lasts For Ages!

Even in the absence of any maintenance measures, you would only see it lose its gloss and smoothness. On the other hand, with proper conserving efforts, you can make solid wood flooring in London last longer, for decades at least. The wood finish would dull after a few years of wear and the continuous foot-traffic on its surface. However, if you redo the wood finish or polish it now and then, you can revamp the floor surface and have it look like the first time you installed it.

You Can Keep It Clean and Tidy:

It is usually assumed that wood is delicate and hard clean as you can’t use water to do so! However, contrary to popular belief, wood can be easily cleaned just by using a broom and dusting for the unreachable corners beneath the furniture. The fact is that most people use wrong practices to clean solid Wood flooring in London and then complain about the wood being an unfit material to use. Whether you have a concrete or tile flooring, pouring water over the floor to clean it isn’t the best idea, to begin with. Most people would use a regular floor cleaning product to clean the wood surface. All you need to do is wipe-clean the floor with a damp cleaning cloth or mop to clean the dust and debris and that’s it.

It’s Insulating Quality!

You can dis wood however you can but you can’t deny its temperature insulating Headline Insider - Wood Flooringquality,  which can withstand extremely cold weather in the UK. You might have tile, concrete or even marble flooring in the house, but you know how uncomfortable to walk on such floors during the bone-chilling winters. Most of those who have installed wood flooring admit the fact that it feels warm and comfortable during the winter. Even if you decided to install industrial engineered solid wood, the quality of thermal insulation would be still intact to it, since it is wood after all.

So Many Options to Choose From!

In case your budget is getting inflated due to the cost of Solid wood flooring in London, you can still opt for engineered wood panels as an alternative. It might seem a cheaper variant but, structure-wise, it is equally durable if not more robust than a solid wood floor. This is because this sort of flooring makes use of many layers of plywood that are glued together to give an unparalleled level of strength. You would also have options in the kind of wood materials you want to install. You can choose oak, rosewood, mahogany and even maple as wood material for the flooring work.

So there you have it…

We hope this has been a help, good luck and all the best with your flooring project!