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How your vehicle fuel type affects car insurance premiums?

The increasing number of vehicles on the Indian road results in more traffic jams and accidents, and this is exactly why you need an...

Some factors that influence your car insurance premium

There are a number of companies which offer motor insurance covers, thus, choosing the best one can often be a daunting task. However, if...

5 important safety tips for new riders.

Riding a motorcycle is extremely liberating, it’s a lot of fun and an extremely fuel-efficient way to get around town. This is a combination...

Go for Payday Loans Because Of Its Guaranteed Feature

Last week of Saturday, a group of four friends visited to a club for the birthday bash. It was mid night and they have...

Here’s How To Make A Third Party Car Insurance Claim

In case of an accident that’s not your fault and where the third party refuses to compensate for injuries or damages, you might be...