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BigBasket – A new identity turned failure into success. To achieve every success one has to think of failure as success, but this success is something that has been achieved after many defeats. He says that those trying to never give up are like this.

What is BigBasket?

Bread, clothes, and houses i.e. food wear, and living are the 3 main things needed to run a life. Today, we will talk about any one of these three, and that is food. Yes, you must be wondering what is the matter like that. Today, the world is moving fast towards startup, our four giants started a startup, taking care of any one of these three things i.e.

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Who Is The Owner Of BigBasket?

We are talking about the owner of BigBasket, who has set a milestone of success for the world today by grocery online delivery startup.

The story began in 1999, when five people, Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, Abhinay Chaudhary, V.Ramesh, and V.S.Sudhakar, started an online e-commerce company called FabMart.

At that time, he had also kept the grocery in this company, but in 1999 people did not use the Internet that much and people did not trust online shopping. With no profit in business, he sold his company to FabMart (Aditya Birla Group).

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The desire to do something big is the hallmark of a successful human being. Trusting himself, InLogo started BigBasket again in 2011, and it also received a lot of funding as soon as the company was launched, which led to BigBasket climbing the ladder of success.

With a funding of $150 million in 2020, this startup became a startup with a valuation of more than $1 billion.

In this way, you came to know about the owner of BigBasket how BigBasket has become a very successful company today, despite its failure as a small company.

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