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Broken Blackberry cell phone? Don’t worry we can help you! Our wide range of Blackberry repair services will revive your smartphone back to its original brilliance. We advise the best not the most costly repair available. More often than not, we save clients ‘money. We will not continue with any repairs until we receive your authorization to do so.

Blackberry phones are an amazing smartphone and widely loved and admired by customers from many sectors. Offers top-notch features no doubts. Featuring from recording audio to clicking high-resolution pictures, you can also browse on the web on this phone. The multi platform messenger service is the best feature provided by blackberry.

Besides listing so many features of blackberry, still, users face many difficulties and problems. Minor troubleshooting can instantly solve these issues. But if you are not confident enough to troubleshoot on your own, then you may ask our service providers of Dubai for Blackberry Mobile repair services. Blackberry service center in Dubai team constitutes of well- seasonal professionals who are available 24*7 help and support to make you feel relaxed and comfortable from all the issues and provides the best solutions to you.

Blackberry Repair Center Dubai, U.A.E

Does your Blackberry phone is not working up to your expectations? Whatever issue you are facing with your blackberry, we are here to resolve it by repairing it at affordable prices.

Blackberry service center in Dubai is one of the leading centers in Dubai that replaces and repairs hundreds of customers every month.

Significant issues users face after using a blackberry mobile phone are:

Draining battery life:

The most common problem that occurred by blackberry user mainly they face poor battery life. Frequently, the battery charge runs out when many features like GPS, Hotspot are turned on for a long time. Users use many video calling apps which sometimes get outmoded and need to be updated.

Trackball gets stuck sometimes:

Users face this problem quite times. While working on the phone the trackball sometimes get stuck, which might land you in a spot of worry. It happens when too much dust is piled upon the trackball socket.

Phone hang issues:

Usually it happens with your phone where the phone will stop responding to the command. This action is caused due to specific files and apps that are of huge MB’s that are present on their device. It is hard to detect these encrypted files or apps but always recommended to uninstall these kinds of apps to avoid the problems with your device’s performance.

Overheated after a limited use:

These issues are becoming are more common. This issue is major and the cause behind Overheating is increasing of different apps and features. With every new updated feature added to the Blackberry heating problem occurs.

BBM gets stuck at authorization:

On BBM you need to send a contact request to another user, and until your request is accepted, the messenger will always represent a non-authorization message. But users spot that even after the request is accepted the non-authorization message is still reflected on screen. But don’t worry, as it is a software issue and can be easily resolved. Sometimes hard rebooting or updating the application might help you in solving the issue.

Service Center offers a wide range of common issue we fix daily:

  • Blackberry Screen Repair
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Speaker and microphone problem
  • Charging battery issue
  • Keyboard buttons not working
  • Trackball (scroller) not working
  • Charging connector or audio jack not working
  • Software errors
  • Liquid damage problems
  • Front panel Replacement

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Inform What is Broken:

Call and tell your issues what you want to repair. We provide all types of repairs here. For example, if you want your blackberry screen repair Dubai, then you need to call and inform your issue and make it registered at the service center.

Doorstep Facility:

Our trained technician will come to your doorstep to pick your phone as per your convenient time or you can leave your phone at our blackberry service center.

Identify What has Happened:

The technician will detect and checks the issue on your device to let you know the condition and cost of fixing issues and time duration.

Repair and Return:

The technicians completely repair your device and make it good as it was bought for the first time.



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