What is Flikover? Best Group Buy Premium SEO Tools

Flikover - Best Group Buy Premium SEO Tools

We all face a lot of challenges in the Digital marketing blogging world. Just writing a blog and publishing it does not work, but it is very important to pay attention to other important points as well. There was a time when blogs comfortably achieved a good rank in Google, but now the competition has increased considerably on almost all keywords. In such a situation, we have to do better than all the websites and blogs coming into our competition, for which we need to buy premium SEO tools.

Through SEO Tools, we are able to know the traffic, Rank, Backlinks, Issue, Keywords, Difficulties, etc. of the website coming in our competition easily, by which our job is to produce better articles from them and make good backlinks from them. If we know all these aspects and make them better, then we can easily rank in Google.

In such a situation, the problem of every blogger when buying SEO Tool comes to Bank Transaction or Amount because International Transaction is needed to buying premium SEO tools, as well as these Premium SEO Tool are very expensive which the budget of the initial blogger Is only out of

Its option comes from the best group buy premium SEO tools. In which Flikover is very popular and it also supports Transaction from all Indian banks and makes Group SEO Tools available very cheaply, which is used to be very similar to Premium Tools.

Let us talk in detail in this article about what is Flikover and what are the benefits of Flikover?

Flikover is a premium SEO Tools group that offers buy service. In which SEO tools of all requirements are present. Suppose, we need Ahref and Semrush the most and for both these SEO tools we actually have to pay around 600$ or 40k rupees but if we use Flikover’s best group buy premium SEO tools Service, then easily 600 And you can use them for 500 rupees.

  • Flikover offers tools for Cheap Rates.
  • Supports all banks.
  • 95% Access Guarantee.
  • Instant Access as soon as the plugin is installed.
  • Refund Policy

If you are unable to use any tool in any problem, then Flikover also gives you the facility of a Backup account.

List of the best group buy premium SEO tools

If you are thinking of buying Premium SEO Tool Combo from Flikover, then you get to use the following tools in this combo.

  1. Ahref
  2. Semrush
  3. KW Finder
  4. Majestic
  5. Canva
  6. Grammarly
  7. Word AI
  8. Keyword Tool
  9. Animoto
  10. Lynda
  11. Buzz Sumo
  12. Spy fu
  13. Alexa
  14. Moz
  15. Woorank
  16. Netflix

For the best group buy premium SEO tools, you have to pay about 1200 rupees a month, after which you will be able to use all SEO Tools. Also, if you want to use one or two SEO tools, then you can also buy them separately only.


Everyone in the world of blogging is familiar with this tool. Probably this is also the most used SEO tool in the world which bloggers love. With the help of Ahref, we can know a lot of things like our partner website have said that backlink is made? Which keywords have you worked on? How much is Keyword Difficulty? For which we actually have to pay up to 400$ but on Flikover it is available for 10$ i.e. 600-700 rupees.


Semrush, one of the best premium SEO tools in the world, has taken data of about 800 Million keywords. Through which you can easily do Keyword Research, Domain Analysis, and Competitor Keyword Analysis easily on all topics. For this, you actually need around 100$ but on Flickover it is available around 8$ only.

KW Finder:

If you want to do better and only Keyword Research, then KW Finder is also a good option in front of you, which you get on Flikover for 7$, while its original price is 70$.


If your competitor has blocked you from Ahref, then you have a good option as Majestic that you can see its backlink again through this tool. Its original price is $149 while on Flikover it is also available for $7.


Canva is one of the tools used by all graphic designers. Through this, you can easily design posts, blog images, graphics, brand logos, etc. for social media. We can also get about Rs.150-200 on Flikover for about $13.


Every blogger must use Grammarly. Through this, you can find small big mistakes related to English in your blog. It costs 30$ while it becomes available to you for Rs 100.

Word AI:

Through Grammarly, we remove the mistakes of our words, while through Word AI, we can correct our entire content. Actually, we could see or not see the mistakes made in our blog, but Google definitely sees it. In such a situation, no blog can be ranked wrong. WORD AI requires around 50$ while it is available for Rs 400 from Flikover.

Keyword Tool:

If you are a YouTuber or want to find keywords of other search engines besides Google, then this option can prove useful for you. For this, you have to pay Rs300 on Flikover while its original price is 88$.


Linkedin Company Lynda offers a lot of learning courses online like Animation, Web Development, Gaming Development, Marketing, Photography, etc. For which you need to give 30$ every month but you can get it from Flikover for Rs 200.

Similarly, we get other premium SEO Tools from Flikover at Cheap Price which we can easily improve the ranking of our blog by using.

How does Flikover work?

To avail Flikover service, first of all, two Flikover Extension (F1 and F2) need to be installed in Google Chrome, after which you can easily access any service you have taken.

Also, if you are facing any problem in using it, then the Flickover support system is very active, which you can contact through the Contact Us form or Facebook page.

Flickover also provides Return Policy to its customers. If you are not happy with the service of Flickover, then according to some conditions, you can also apply for a Return Policy.

Best group buy premium SEO tools – Flikover cons

It is true that you can use all SEO tools through Flikover by spending less money but in some cases, people do not consider it right. For these reasons people are seen searching on Google like Is Flikover Safe,

  • It only works on Chrome Browser.
  • Use it on the same IP address, otherwise, it considers Sharing as Ban.
  • Can not share with a friend or relative.
  • There is no Individual Access, Which means your project can be seen by everyone in the group.

Happy Blogging! Remember, the basis of a good article is good research.


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