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A machine translator cannot be your one-stop shop for all your translation services. The authenticity and the premium quality of a human translator are unbeatable. The whole purpose of translation as a service is to make sure that people worldwide understand the content better in their language.

No one can do justice to translation unless and until it’s a native speaker who is aware of the particular language’s entire chronology without even a slight hesitation. and if translation only doesn’t do justice to this motive, then, unfortunately, there’s no point in translation.

And so to eliminate even the whisk of chances of people not getting the content even when it gets translated, it’s crucial the words get scanned through a human eye and follows the expertise of a human translator.

With over 22 languages spoken in India and 7000+ languages worldwide, translation is the only service that helps the readers unite and relate with the stories, events, news around the world they would have ever known otherwise! And so it becomes a translator’s duty to make it a worthwhile experience for all the readers out there.

Listed below are the basic steps which will help you understand how a translation agency works and produce the best results for its clients

Before Translation Begins

The collection of necessary documents takes place wherein the file types submitted by the clients are checked upon and decided if they can be adequately converted in the same format or not. Apart from this, the word count and price per word are also calculated before the translator even gets started with working on the requirement.

  1. Accumulating all the necessary files
  2. Deciding on what needs to be translated
  3. Gathering reference materials like style guides, translation samples, thrombase’s, etc.
  4. Determining the quotations
  5. Finally, deciding who will be the expert to be working on it

Parikh Translation Agency

While Translation Happens

The core work happens here. A professional linguist gets started with the work and transforms the content into exactly how a native speaker and reader would love to read it.

  1. Proofreading is done by the translator itself, also known as “self-check.”
  2. Editing was done by a senior linguist who goes through the entire text and adds 30-40% to the actual price
  3. Final proofreading by a professional proof-reader who checks every minute detail like punctuations, spellings, grammar, etc. and adds a cost of 15-20%

Post Translation Is Done

After the core work of translating the document is done, the formatting, layout, file type, fonts, line breaking, etc. are all put in a proper format to make the document look visually appealing and well-integrated.


There is undoubtedly a lot of automated machine translation software or applications available which do a decent job. And because they are considered cost-effective, people usually prefer going with these applications to save extra bucks, which they may have to incur out of pocket if they avail of services from translation agency services.

However, there exists a massive gap in terms of readability and clear understanding. And this gap, only a human translator would be able to catch and rectify.

An automated translator may be cent percent error-free and grammatically sound, but what is the point of translation if the readers cannot connect the content?

The main benefit of running your content through a human eye is that the translator can translate precisely what needs to be instead of literal translation, which software does. It improves the readability and also delivers the exact message which the writer intends to put across.


Though there isn’t any standard cost or price for the translation services, it depends on various factors and from professionals to professionals.

Some may be new to the business and are freelancing; some may have tie-ups with a company that provides translation services, some may be a professional freelancer, and some may come from a translation agency, etc.

On top of that, it also depends on the cost of living they might have; region-wise, it does depend. Depending on these factors, the cost may be cheap or rocket up.

When it comes to translation agencies, it makes sure to provide a premium service. And so it’s not just the cost of translation but also multiple proofreading and editing as well. Adding to this, the article’s length is also a factor that makes a difference in the price. Usually, the texts can be short, long, technical, creative, informational, etc., so depending on the type of text, the price may also differ.

Also, because agencies work in profits, they keep a profit margin to the rates they pay to the translators. Once all of this is completed, a final DTP testing is done, post which the document is submitted to the client for review.

To Wrap It Up!

Parikh Info Solutions is a lucrative and one of the most dependable platforms that provide Translation Services. We know translation services allow the possibility to communicate your content at a global level covering diverse groups. And thus, it becomes essential to search for a linguist who can do justice to the craft you wish to translate.

We also keep in due consideration the tonality of the content you may have in mind to keep the essence of your content alive even when it gets translated to various other languages. The emotions can be as follows- arrogant, charming, cheerful, casual, compassionate, dynamic, educational, informative, sarcastic, etc.

Languages Covered for Translations-

Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Assamese.


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