You need to maximize your SEO efforts if you’d prefer to succeed online.

SEO is a high priority for marketers. 65% say it’s their main focus once it involves inbound marketing.

The easiest way to do this is with a Search Engine Optimization audit. See however your current website ranks and assess what you will do to boost it.

But before we tend to get there, you need to know the fundamentals of the Search Engine Optimization audit.

What is Search Engine Optimization Audit?

An SEO audit will help you uncover opportunities to boost your ranking in search engines. This will be a guide to help you determine weaknesses and take actions which will directly impact your SEO performance. SEO audit is useful to conduct at the beginning of a different campaign or every quarter.

Search Engine Optimization Audit Checklist:

1. Search Engine On-site Optimization

Keywords and Content:

  • Pages contain must be unique, substantial, and informative content; you have minimum of 1500 to 2000 words on your website content.
  • Page content including with primary and long tail keyword phrases
  • Page ranks for core, long tail keywords and branded, non-branded keywords

Search Engine Optimization Technical Structure:

  • Meta Title Optimization: Pages title contain unique and optimized title tags including brand names under 65 – 70 characters.
  • Meta Description Optimization: Pages description contain informative and brief Meta descriptions under 160-170 characters.
  • SEO URL Optimization: URL’S area clean, descriptive, and under 70-90 characters.
  • Image Optimization: pictures include relevant, clear ALT Tags that incorporate target Keywords.
  • Site Structure Optimization: Site structure has home navigation links to one category pages to another category pages link to product pages
  • Internal Linking Optimization: Internal linking exists throughout the situation (at least 2-5) and there is clear, brief anchor text within every page.
  • Website Page Speed Optimization: site speed is good (75%)
  • Sitemap Optimization
  • Robot.txt Optimization

2. Search Engine Off-site Optimization:

SEO Backlink Analysis:

Ensure backlinks are relevant and from high domain authority websites

Diversify backlink sources and guarantee equitable backlink distribution across website

3. Search Engine Miscellaneous Optimization:

Homepage and landing pages optimization for mobile device

Regularly perform check to identify number. Of pages indexed and crawled.