In what countries is surrogacy legal?

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Surrogacy is a legal and safest procedure in the countries like India, USA, and Ukraine etc. but in the USA and Ukraine, the surrogacy is allowed in some states only not the whole country. India is a country, where the clinic like Select IVF India offers the reasonable and affordable surrogacy procedures to all the people across the globe and also there is no case of refusal by surrogate mother or blackmailing for extra compensation or holding of the baby by Indian government or surrogate mother has been reported in India. This makes India is the most favourable place for surrogacy.

Select IVF India, perform the surrogacy procedure for same-sex couples, different-sex couple or singles who wish to have their own baby.

There are few countries which allow parents to commission overseas surrogacy; however, there is no law in these countries to perform surrogacy procedure. For e.g. Thailand is a country where it has unregulated surrogacy industry which provided grounds for many hospitals, agencies, doctors etc. and they offer intended parents to have commission surrogacy and once the baby born in Thailand he/she is not permitted to leave a country. Thailand is one example and there are many other countries which have similar status and there is no legal law to perform surrogacy procedure and hence people commissioning surrogacy in an uncertain legal environment.

What legal documents are signed before the surrogacy procedure begins?

At Select IVF India, we ask both the surrogate mother and the intended parents to sign a legal document which states that the surrogate will carry the baby in her womb for nine months and after the baby is born she hand-over the baby to intended parents. On the other hand, the intended parents will bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother including her monthly compensation until the baby delivery.

The surrogate will get the monthly compensation so that she takes proper diet and medication and the final compensation will be made to surrogate once the heartbeat of the infant is confirmed by Dr. Nalini Gupta.

surrogate motherOnce the documentation part is completed, Dr. Nalini Gupta will start the surrogacy procedure. After the procedure is completed and baby arrives it has been advised to the intended parents that they file the petition on the third day of the baby born in the court and the court will then order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate in the name of the intended parents and after that the couples can apply for the baby visa and can take the baby to their home country.

After the documentation and surrogacy procedure is completed, the intended parents will not meet the surrogate mother in the future for any reason as the surrogacy is a very emotional procedure.

How safe is the surrogacy procedure with Select IVF India?

At Select IVF India, Dr. Nalini Gupta has helped thousands of intended parents both international and domestic who were struggling to conceive a baby naturally and she helped them in achieving their dream of having an own baby safely.

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