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Having excess body weight is not good for your health. In this new year 2020, take a step towards returning to your original size. Although weight loss is the most common new year’s resolution, few people succeed in achieving their losing weight goals. Losing weight can be challenging, but even losing 5% to 10% of your weight can bring significant health benefits. It would be best if you made good choices, follow certain rules and weight loss treatment in Mumbai to reach your losing weight goals.

1.Set Realistic Goals:

There is no magic, no medicine to lose weight in a day. You have to set realistic goals to start with your weight loss plan. Make realistic goals which can be achieved rather than setting the bar too high. Most health experts agreed that losing more than 2 pounds per week is difficult and an unhealthy way to manage weight loss. A realistic goal is the one which is specific, measurable, attainable, and tangible.

For example, eating more green leafy vegetables and starting a keto diet to lose 5-10 kgs in a month is achievable, whereas, if you aim to get fit and want a toned body in a week, it’s just not possible. So, set your goal wisely.

2.Healthy Diet:

What you eat and how much quantity you eat play a significant role in your weight loss journey. Hundreds of diets are available in the market, many promising fast and permanent weight loss; however, the truth is, almost any diet with low calories will help you to lose extra weight.

Follow food and nutrition diet for weight loss that includes fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts, seafood, poultry and eggs and limit red meat.

3.Meal breakdown:

Many believe that skipping meals will help to reduce weight fast. Perhaps they are wrong, skipping meals is not the right solution. It’s better to breakdown your meals instead of skipping it. Meal breakdown means dividing the meals throughout your day and evening- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and make sure that you get the right food components for each of your five small meals. Don’t eat heavy at every meal, rather lessen the quantity each time of your five meals.

Use small plates to eat smaller portions. By using smaller plates and bowls, gradually you will get used to eating smaller portions without going hungry.

4.Exercise Daily:

Exercise is beneficial for you in every way. Thirty minutes of daily exercise is enough to shed unwanted extra pounds. It energizes you, recharge your mood and keep your health in better condition. There are different types of exercise, and you can choose workouts tailored to your specific goals.

5.Dietary Supplements:

Dietary SupplementsThere are plenty of dietary supplements for weight loss in the market. But the problem is, you won’t know which one you should trust and consume. So, read the manufacturing practices, third-party test & certification, ingredients and check reviews to make the right decision when it comes to weight managing supplements. The best weight loss supplements may contain one or more active ingredients help to increase fat burning, reduce appetite, or decrease the absorption of fat.

6.Weight Loss Treatment:

When diet and exercise haven’t worked to shed stubborn pounds, you may have to go for weight loss treatment. Many weight loss treatment clinics offer rapid and effective weight loss treatment with diet and medicine, which help you to lose weight fast.

It’s a known truth that sedentary lifestyles, jobs and long hours travels have put people in Mumbai more at risk of developing obesity. Weight gain and obesity are becoming a serious issue, which has increased the demand for weight loss treatment in Mumbai. Consult a doctor for weight loss treatment in Mumbai and find the new you.


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