10 Tips To Start Organizing Your Wedding

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So that you can make the most of your wedding preparations, we give you ten tips to take into account at the time of initiating this particular stage. Wondering whether to start the process by looking for the famous wedding dress or the reception area where to set up a beautiful wedding decoration? Let’s put together order in your ideas so that coping with this great original wedding project with good mood and on time!

Get management tools!

To plan your wedding, clarify your ideas and measure your progress, it is important to schedule each step of the preparations. Thanks to the Marriage’s website and application ( iOs and Android ), you will gradually complete your retro-planning together with your guest list online. You will also be able to select your wedding dress and wedding ring sets for his and her, your costume and your favourite accessories spotted on the catalogue of the portal.

You will also be able to update your wedding blog with the information sent to your guests and control your budget.

It is also the way to discover providers corresponding to your desires and your geographical area (or not). Finally, it is an excellent source of inspiration to imagine the contours of your day J.

Define the essence of your day!

In what season will you get married? What will be the predominant colour or wedding theme of this day? How many guests? Even if the answers to certain questions do not depend solely on you, it is advisable to take some final decisions and mutual agreement from the beginning of the preparations  : those which, even in case of unforeseen or change of mind, will be maintained because they define the base of your project.

Find the main providers

Count between 12 to 10 months in advance to book the most requested services! The sooner you initiate the search for the best professionals, the more likely you are to make your reception area of ​​your dreams, the photographer who enchants you and the dj you absolutely need available.

Set your budget!

It is advisable to study different ways to finance one’s marriage before embarking on the preparations. The help of your loved ones, a loan or your own savings, the sources of funding vary from case to case, but one thing is certain: you must set a sum and control your expenses.

When your budget is limited, it is even more necessary to discuss your priorities and make choices with your other half. Ask yourself the question of knowing what is the need or desires, to decide.

Delegate tasks!

One is never better served than by oneself, says the saying. In a marriage setting, it’s usually wrong. The help of a wedding planner, partial or total, is essential. To manage all the festivities, delegate the logistics part of your event or simply receive some advice, the experience and talent of these professionals can make all the difference!

Identify the longest preparations!

Some tasks require more anticipation. When you opt for a homemade decoration, want to learn choreography to make an opening wedding ball original, as well as prepare a romantic play-list, it must be done well in advance. Similarly, if you have in mind a total change of look, diet or tanning sessions, it will not be necessary to think about it the day before but many months before!

Administrative procedures

Learn about the administrative steps to take with your city hall and parish in the case of a religious wedding. For those considering a secular ceremony, ask all your questions to the agency or the official in charge of organizing it in order not to forget anything and repeat several times its course.

Decide who to invite!Headline Insider - Wedding Dress

Intimate or large ceremony? Think about it and try to stick to your decisions. Your list of hosts will certainly be subject to variations but attention to the accordion effect. The good intentions of inviting the whole family (even the great-aunt), colleagues and friends of friends must be controlled and thoughtful.

For the sake of your budget but also the atmosphere of D-Day, invite only the people with whom you want to share the emotions of the day J.

Plan the timing of the bridal day!

The planning of the preparations is one thing that of the D-day is another. Establish schedules for each step of the wedding day, not only from the arrival of your guests but also for last minute management: the dress up of the couple or a possible couple before the ceremony to get pictures original wedding.

Do not forget to enjoy!

It seems obvious and yet… Taken in the whirlwind of preparations, be aware of your emotions. If you feel stressed, you may need a couple or family getaway, a parenthesis in your crazy ride. After that, resume your agenda to see more clearly. The pre-wedding period must not become a nightmare, you must be able to draw some very positive aspects. Know how to regain control of any tensions related to your preparations.

Once you are guided through the many online tools at Weddings.net, the path to D-Day should be free of obstacles. In case of unforeseen circumstances, mistakes or changes surround yourself with competent people and family support to continue your missions. A good florist to compose the bridal bouquet, wise advice to get wedding games and music adapted to your mood, you will manage to easily organize the day of love that you have always wanted.


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