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What is Computer? Computers brought a revolution in the field of communication in the 20th century. We are well acquainted with the miracle of science, innovations are happening every day. Has brought the most change in the field of communication, a machine that multiplies, divides, adds, subtracts complex numbers from complex to microseconds. This machine is a computer. Big things started happening from computers so quickly, which no one could even imagine. Science is nothing short of a blessing in modern life. Until some time ago, computers were seen as an amazing machine, no one thought that the development of computers would be so fast, and mankind would develop in this way through computers. A few years ago this machine came into our home as a personal computer and today it has become a part of our life, with the need of every home office.

What is Computer – Definition?

The miracle of science has made a huge change in the field of information and communication through mobile, computer, and the internet. Read to know the essay on the miracle of science. Many problems of mankind have been solved by this. The computer has been in use in our country for almost two decades, through this the country of India has taken a long leap in the field of development. We can do many things on the computer. This small machine can save the largest data, the office work is done easily, you can talk to anyone around the world through the internet, shopping, collecting information, besides There are also many things a computer does.

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History of the Computer

The word computer first appeared in 1613, which means calculation. Charles Babbage designed the first computer in the early 19th century, designed the analytical engine, and designed the basic computer framework. The creation of computers has been progressed further on this framework. By the way, computers have been developed in three generations, every generation was of a certain duration. We have got a better, new computer after every generation of development.

Between 1937-1946 In 1937 the first digital computer was built by Dr. John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Ber. It was named Atanasoff – Berry Computer (ABC). In 1943, this electronic computer was named Colossus, which was made for the military. Further work continued until 1946 and digital computers and numerical integrator computers (ENIAC) were made. It is said that the weight of this computer was 30 tons, 18 thousand vacuum tubes were used for processing in it. Computers of this time we’re able to do only one thing at a time, as well as there was no operating system in it.

Between 1947 –1962 computers of this time used transistors in place of more reliable vacuum tubes. For the first time in 1951, the computer was put in front of the public, and its use was made public. In 1953 IBM made 650 and 700 series computers. About 100 types of programming languages ​​were developed in this time computer, as well as memory and operating system. There was tape, a disk for storage, as well as printers, were attached to the computer.

1963 – To Date Integrated circuits produced the third generation of computers. With this genesis, the size of the computer became smaller, it became more powerful and reliable, with these people could now do a lot of work on the computer at one time. MS-DOS was created in 1980. In 1981, IBM brought personal computers to the home and office. Three years later, Apple built a Mac computer, and in the 90s the computer got the Windows operating system.

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Today the computer is progressing day by day, a lot of programming language has arrived, through which work is done. Instead of computers, laptops have come, which are small and less in weight, it has OS, battery and everything. Computers were kept in one corner of the house, office, it was difficult to take them here and there, but the laptop started to be used anywhere.

World’s First Computer

ENIAC 1946

First Operating System


First Computer Virus

Boot Sector Virus


First Computer in India –

The first computer in India came in 1956 for 10 lakh rupees. This was an HEC 2M computer, which was installed at an institute in Calcutta.

Advantages of Computer

  • Today, computers are used in all types of offices, the financial situation is improving.
  • Problems also increased due to an increase in population, one of these was the problem of enumeration. Initially, there was counting in the fingers, but this problem started coming in every way as the population increased. The computer solved the problem in seconds. The biggest calculations started by computer.
  • Internet was able to come with the arrival of the computer. Without computers, it is not possible. The Internet came to America in 1969 for the first time. In 1990, it was formalized and was also used in private and commercial centers. The Internet has given convenience to human life today.
  • The Internet has treasures all over the world, news of the entire world is contained here. Previously, the book used to be used for any information, but now it is found on the Internet.

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  • Difficult information can also be known through the internet. This saves time for research.
  • GPS runs through the Internet, which provides information about the map, any place.
  • Shopping is done sitting at home through the internet.
  • Through the internet, people sitting thousands of kilometers away can also talk to them, they can talk to them by looking at them.
  • Earlier it used to take several days to send a message, now the message is reached in a pinch via the internet.
  • You can manage your bank account sitting at home through the internet.
  • Through the internet, you can get information about a place, through this you can book your ticket by planning your trip.
  • The business has increased with the arrival of the Internet, nowadays many people work at home through the JIO Internet. Apart from this, online selling is also done through the internet, so that we can order it by looking at the thing needed even while sitting away.
  • Water bills, gas bills, electricity bills, phone bills, credit card bills can all be paid through the internet.
  • Movie tickets are also booked at home from the internet.
  • Today, computers are used even in small firms, people keep an account of their business in computers instead of books. There is no worry about memory in this, the account of years can be easily kept in it. Along with this, tax, profit, interest are all done on the computer.
  • With the coming of the computer, work has also increased in the field of its development, due to which IT (IT) sector has become so huge today. Employment in this area is going on increasing, and it has given jobs to many people.
  • The information about the airplane, the train is all contained in the computer, the movement of the train and the plane is determined by the computer.
  • Today the ration card has also been computerized. Everything is counted in the computer, those below the poverty line are counted in it, so now the poor do not have to do any rounds for their rights.
  • New schemes of the country are immediately known by computer, and it can also be used in the right way.
  • Education was encouraged through a computer, people have also been attracted towards education to understand it. It is also very important for education, through this, students get a lot of information, which they cannot get in school or college.
  • This is a very easy device, which the children can easily operate.
  • The computer is also a very good option from the point of view of entertainment, video games, 3D games can be played for fun, apart from this songs can be heard, TV, movies can be seen.
  • The computer may be a product of the human mind, but human work has reduced due to its arrival, it has become very relaxed.
  • Computers have contributed to the field of medicine, nowadays many operations have become computerized.
  • Banks, schools, colleges also need computers first. With the arrival of a computer in the bank, very big things have become easy, with the help of a computer, money is transferred from one account to another account sitting at home. The information of all the children of college and school is computerized, from this information about one child can be easily extracted.
  • Our identity card license, ballot paper, Aadhaar card are all manufactured by computer, this means this information is saved in the computer along with you. They can be easily extracted when a document is rotated.
  • Humans are entertained through computers. Editing in films is done by computer, and life is done in the scene.
  • Mobile was made with the help of a computer, which was also called a mini-computer. Now everyone started working as a computer through mobile, and always roams with them.
  • The man reached space through the computer. The computer gave images of space to humans, and then it was possible to analyze it closely only through the computer.

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Disadvantages of Computer

  • No matter how smart a computer is, but it cannot take the place of a human being, it has been created by humans. Man has a habit; he also starts misusing his own thing.
  • Humans have become lazy due to the excessive use of computers. It has become so much dependent on the computer that if one day this machine stops, then its entire work stops.
  • Man has lost his self-sufficiency.
  • Human employment has also decreased due to the arrival of computers.
  • Cybercrime has increased through computers. In this, people use his photo, personal information away without anyone’s permission. Everyone has bank details on the computer, this is also causing thieves.
  • Computer hackers came into existence, who are not smart thieves, but are smart thieves and make you pauper in front of you.
  • Children have become very impacted by the arrival of computers, children have become computers. They sit on it unnecessarily, do not like to play outside.
  • While there are many good useful things on the internet, there are also many dirty, unnecessary things. The bad site and today’s youth, children are attracted and do not understand their duty and walk in the wrong way.
  • Students get a lot of knowledge through this, but they do not learn the things of knowledge and concentrate more on wrong things.
  • Social media usage has increased, due to which many people waste time.


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