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Headline Insider - Crucial App Tips

The biggest gift for an app developer is seeing an upward graph of his app downloads. His success is reflected in the number of downloads in the Play Store or App Store. When there is already an app traffic amounting to 2 million in the Play Store today, the competition in bringing your app to the top charts becomes quite intense.

While some factors are beyond our control, you can still trigger the performance of your app. Given below are a few basic techniques that you can follow to maximise your app downloads.

  1. Employ ASO Techniques:

SEO techniques are quite famous when it comes to maximising online traffic. The ASO (App Store Optimisation) techniques play the same role in Android Play Store and iOS App Store. Use of appropriate keywords, most searched key phrases and using the right ad words contribute greatly in marking a presence in the stores.

The Google Play Store has its own analysis tab in the console. Every app developer is free to use those features during development stages. The analysis shows what keywords users search the most, and you can design an app title accordingly. This extends to title length, subtitle, description, app icon and tags.

Take a free online course to understand ASO techniques while designing your store presence. Your app might have all the right things, but still can be low on store charts if it does not adhere to ASO techniques.

  1. Expand your Social Media Presence:

Social marketing is the most effective way of advertising your app today. It plays as important role as using ASO techniques in your app.

Begin with creating handles of your app on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. You can smartly start using your app reference in your emails and signatures to make users familiar with the name of your app. Keep all handles regularly updated. Users should notice that your app is being actively worked upon, even after release.

Post success stories and reviews on various posts, and be energetically involved with the followers. Social media can be a great traffic driving platform for your app.

  1. Advertise Online through Blogs and Back links:

Create a blog on WordPress or BlogSpot for your app. Buy a domain name to make it more effective. Post regularly on your blogs, about topics closely related to your app or anything where you can mention the name of your app.

You can also create back links to your blog or directly to the play store link of your app, by posting in famous and high traffic blogs. Many external websites that have huge traffic daily let you post your blogs in their domain, with a back link to yours. But they charge you a small amount for it.

Advertising is never free, but you need it to trigger success. In case you do not have funds to do proper advertising, you can apply for doorstep loans online, and they deliver the loan amount at the deliverable address. You can repay the loan when your app starts making money.

  1. Work on Ratings and Reviews:

When you begin attracting user traffic, do not just focus on new users. The existing users are as important to you. The store rating and reviews are very important for your future image. You can drive away an interested user by poor ratings and reviews.

Make sure you reply to all the written reviews you get for your app, especially the negative ones. People do change their ratings when you reply positively or agree to make amendments. Analyse the review content regularly, and make changes to your app to make it more user-friendly.

The criticism of the users is a strong force for you to make your app even more desirable.

  1. Create an Engaging Play-store Presence:

The first impression of your app is reflected through your play store page. The title, description, screenshots, app icon, app video and other visible features of your app are what provoke users to click install.

Make a general user review your store image while designing it. You should keep in mind what drives users to download an app. It should reflect why the app would be useful to them.

  1. Deploy interactive and eye-catchy images:

Uninstalls are as important as downloads. There are graphs of daily installs and uninstalls too in the play console. Your statistics will never lie to you, and will tell you when it is time to improve.

The content of your app should be engaging and useful for the users. Add some interactive images for the user to participate with. If you cannot design such content, pay someone to do it for you. Multiple online direct lenders UK will help you with the money if you do not have it. But do not compromise on the quality of your app.

An app is an investment of your time, hard work and money. Do your research well before deploying your app into the store. You can earn well by developing apps, given that you do everything necessary for enhancing app downloads. Happy Deploying!



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