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Practicing a high quality back is somewhat different from practicing the chest, arms or shoulders. First of all, this is a large muscle area, so he undertakes a lot of training work, and more muscle fibers need to be destroyed, and the task of promoting muscle growth is also heavier. Second, you can’t see the back muscles in your training, so it’s hard to imagine whether you really mobilized the muscles correctly. Therefore, you can’t rely on the process of gaining muscles that you can see with your own eyes.

We should use a well-designed back plan to train the back with a wide door width. In this process, you not only do some training exercises, but you should know why you should do it and how to do it. These 5 training techniques will allow you to open your own strong path and make yourself more handsome and powerful.

Tip 1: Focus on your weaknesses

When you start making iteration, you can take a look at the photos on your back and analyze what you see. You need to ask yourself some questions; for example, do you need width or detail? If you seem to have a thick and detailed back, but it seems that the back muscles are falling directly from the armpit to the bottom, then your back must be further emphasizing the V-shaped state and practicing a better-inverted triangle. If you already have enough width, but in the photo, you look like a flat wall, then you are missing in thickness and detail. Regardless of the state in which you define your weaknesses, you can adjust your training schedule accordingly.

For the plan on your back, the first few actions should emphasize your main goal. At this time, your energy is the strongest, and you can lift the heaviest weight. Some people pay more attention to strength and muscle thickness and may start directly from the rowing action because this training action emphasizes the thickness and detail of the back. If the width is your concern, then you can choose the action as an alternative, and put the rowing training in the entire training session later.

Tip 2: focus on shrinking when you pull down

Many back training exercises will move the shoulder blades. Whether it’s boating, pull-down, pull-up or deadlift, your shoulder blades will be pulled closer during the centripetal movement (ie the backrest force lifts the weight) and you are maximizing you The range of motion trajectories.

Tip 3:Rediscovering the supine arm lift training

A lot of excellent bodybuilding champions have always liked to use a variety of pull-ups to help them develop excellent latissimus. Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to use the classic version of the supine dumbbell lifting training. Dorian Yates prefers to use the supine lifting training machine for training. Even Jacques likes to do the straight-arm version (steel wire pressing), which seems to be imitating (dumbbell version) for supine lifting training. In any case, there are three Mr. Or say who like similar training!

Then there is no doubt that we can get the following conclusion: If you want to practice the big head of the professional god, then you should add a similar training activity in the back training (dumbbell). Of course, not every gym has a training machine for supine lifting, but if your gym has it, just take advantage of it. The dumbbell version of the supine lifting training while your body direction and the bench press cross, this lifting training is your more reliable lifting training version. Regardless of the type of training equipment you are using, it is recommended that you use medium weight and focus on the stretching of the latissimusdorsi in each repetition of the training.

Tip 4:End of the training the end of the intensive lower back

The training program is the best time to stimulate the back. Because at this time, the training is over, your back is already a lot of congestion, so your body is fully warmed up and ready to stimulate the area.

There is another advantage to strengthening the lower back at the end of the training,lift training that is, you will exhaust yourself, and you will not let your self-blind self-confidence override your own training common sense. You need to use a lighter weight, which means you can avoid injuries as much as possible, and better focus on muscle contraction. You can use a load-bearing disc to help you increase the circumference, which is a good choice. You only need to pay attention to the fact that during this training time, you should focus on the muscles throughout the repetitions.

Tip 5:Rest between groups for a little longer

The back is a muscle group with a larger area than other muscle groups. To make your back muscles grow, you think you need more training capacity. So, you should let yourself spend more time doing the recovery between each group. 90 seconds is best for most people, but you have to struggle with which training weights and more repetitions you can take, and you can still spend 2 minutes. Perhaps, you start with a longer break between groups, and you will feel that the break between groups is too long, but if you are at the end of the training, it is just right to extend the break between groups. To get better results, you can consider using HGH injections. There are best quality hgh injections for sale available online.


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