Where to Find Free Things to Do in A City

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Besides all the perks of living in a big city, one thing that can bother you at times is that everything seems so expensive. Be it a movie or a cocktail in a pub, when you are visiting a big city like New York or Washington DC, coping up with the expenses becomes difficult. However, the locals know the best ways to find a good deal and sometimes even for free!

Yes, you don’t have to open your wallet every time you get out of the hotel room. There is plethora of free things to do in a city and we have got you the whole list. All you need to do is put in an effort of going out and find it – free activities won’t market themselves at your doorstep.

Check out these places to end your search for ‘thing do to near my location’. Just find places like these and you will have something or the other to indulge in.

Community Calendars

Several towns and cities have a community calendar enlisted with all the events (paid and free) in the area all through the upcoming month. You can find it online or find copies on the city hall’s bulletin board. Several 3-star and 5-star hotels help the visitors with the community calendar to find interesting things to do in the city. In a community calendar, you can get information on any free music concerts, open houses and community yard sales.

Parks and Recreation Department

Every city has a recreation department and parks for young and old. The recreation department organizes various programs and offers great facilities, some even beyond your imagination. By visiting the development office or browsing its official website, you will have the list of all the trails, parks and other services offered by the recreation department. The best part is most of the events and facilities offered by them are free.

Carnivals and FestivalsHeadline Insider - Carnival Festivals

If you are on travel during the peak season, you might get lucky to be part of a carnival or annual festival in the city. Many American cities organize carnivals and festivals during peak holiday season to ensure the travellers have a good time. Just find the right festival that makes you spend less and enjoy more. May be you can find a free theatre performance, an open mic of poets or an orchestra concert while meandering along the streets. Browse through the website – timeout.com for the details about any ongoing or upcoming events, carnivals and festivals in the city.

Community Websites

Larger cities and towns have a community website featuring about all the event of the ongoing month and also share the best places to visit for the event. So before searching for ‘things to do near me this weekend’ in Google, check out the community website for the same. Suppose you are planning a trip to the USA, browse the target community website before booking the tickets  to know what’s coming your way for fun and entertainment.

Free Local Newspapers

You couldn’t get to the community website, couldn’t go for a street theatre performance and even failed to get your hands on community calendars? Understood, but one thing you will definitely find is the local newspaper. Newspapers have myriad of options for tourists when it comes to the thought of ‘What are the things to do near me for free?’ You will get all the details about the local activities and events in the advertisement section in the newspaper.

Local Library

Every city, big or small have a library with every information about its, history, culture, tradition and tourism. Make a quick stop at the city library, find the brochures or just have a glance at the bulletin board behind the front desk and you will know all about the movie nights, presentations, concerts, speeches and other ongoing and upcoming free activities. If you are a keen reader, no place could be better than sitting in peace and reading your favourite book in the library.

State Tourism Website

Of every state, there’s a tourism website with every detail on travel and tourism. It is like a tourism guide for travellers listing myriad of things to do in the city and also the only absolutely free. You must take a look at the tourism website and go through the useful tourism guide. Find out what makes you most excited and get started with the fun and adventure in the new city.

These were the easy-to-get things to do in a city for free. You just need to play it smart. However, it is not always about doing something but a lazy evening stroll down the lane can even bring you great joy in the unknown destination.


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