How To Spend Your Morning At The Desert Safari Dubai?

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Instead of snoozing in the bed late in the morning or usual checking up on the malls isn’t it something new to visit a morning desert safari? Well, mornings and deserts are a good combination to spend your time with. Wake up before dawn, get yourself some breakfast and enjoy your way to the morning desert safari witnessing the incredible nature alongside. You would literally gaze the sky and the desert into awe when you reach the morning desert safari. The UAE is fortunate and blessed to have a beautiful and glorious desert which increases their revenue everyday haha! Of course.

Morning desert safari is a place where thousands of visitors from all over the world come and indulge in the adventurous journey.


Oh, there are a lot of things to be discussed regarding the morning desert safari but the most interesting thing is the serene view of an incredible morning with a widespread desert. I guess for a nature lover nothing is more to envy about than the scenic beauty of the desert and the environment giving traditional vibes. On a serious note, there is a lot of sport you can dive into and enjoy at the morning desert safari.


We all know how incredible the dunes at a desert are and how much fun it would be to ride along the desert on the steep dunes. Morning desert safari is always making sure to serve something very exciting and fun. Here it is, you can bring your friends along and spend the 45 minutes in the car while watching the wheels bash the dunes really hard just like a movie scene. Morning desert safari and dune bashing complements the mood and bring positive vibes to everyone out there.


When you reach the campsite you are going to find something unique and different than those sporty activities. Get your hands painted with the beautiful designs at the henna stalls and embrace it for the next few days since it washes away quite after long. Morning desert safari gives you an opportunity to indulge in cultural activities and this is quite amazing.


If you visit the morning desert safari and miss this sand sport then you are seriously missing something in life. This is such an activity which makes you feel the world is yours and you are free to do whatever you want to do. Sandboarding at the morning desert safari gives a very positive vibe when the winds blow across you and the camels in front of you give a magical outcome. You won’t regret trying it out.


I guess camel riding at the morning desert safari should be the very first thing you need to do. I mean the trip is obviously incomplete without having the traditional vibe of riding on a camel. Click a lot of pictures and enjoy it!

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