How To Explore Badami – A Land Of Caves

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India is a land full of surprises and hence exploring the country till its roots is every travellers dream. Different in their climate, cultures and customs but what unifies the northern India with Southern India is the never – ending beauty. If history fascinates you a bit and your soul crave for some adventure, then trust us plan a trip to Badami – a land of caves and you will surely not regret coming here. Also known as the former capital of the Chalukya dynasty, Badami lies in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka and is easily accessible.

A trip to Badami means listening and exploring the tales of various kingdoms and rulers of the history amidst the brilliance of nature while knowing and witnessing the exciting culture and wonders of Karnataka. Continue reading to know how to explore Badami – A land of caves.

1. The Badami Cave Temples

The major attraction of this land of caves is its ancient cave temples carved beautifully out of the sandstone rocks and are also considered as some of the earliest known Hindu Temples. Badami CaveThese cave temples are a set of four temples out of which three are dedicated to Hinduism and one is devoted to Jainism. The best part is that flights of stairs connect all these four temples to each other. Though they might appear simple and plain in their exterior but inside they house some of best ancient art. The Badami Cave Temples are even UNESCO recognised for their wonderful architecture. The construction of these temples’ dates back to 567 to 610 AD in the history under the rule of Chalukyas but till date they don’t fail to impress their visitors.


2. Badami Fort

This ancient landmark is one of the other famous attractions of Badami featuring a couple of historic and valuable temple sculptures and carvings. Badami FortLying just opposite to the Badami Cave Temples, Badami Fort region is also known to house one of the oldest temples of the area devoted to Lord Shiva. Reaching the top spot of the fort is not at all easy as it really steep. However, once you reach at the top, all your efforts would be worth it as only one look at the beautiful scenic viewpoints will make you want to halt there and soak in all the beauty. Natural beauty, architectural brilliance, devotion and historic association, Badami Fort is a wholesome package for fun.

3. Agastya Lake

Agastya LakeAgastya Lake is one huge water body located at a distance of just 1 kilometre from the Badami Bus Station and is frequent stop among the resident villagers. This holy man – made lake of the 5th century lies at the foot of the famous Badami Cave Temples and the water of this lake is also known to possess healing powers. The Agastya Lake adds on the charm of the already gorgeous portrait of Badami. Moreover, the surroundings as well as the views from the lake area are totally mesmerising. Hence, if you are done exploring the place and want to spend some relaxing time enjoying the nature’s beauty, then make sure that you stop here!

4. Badami Museum

Badami MuseumAre you curious about the local life or want to know more about the history of the place? If yes, then going to this archaeological museum must be on the top of your must visit places list as it will finally put an end to your never – ending questions regarding Badami. Visiting this place will definitely grant you more knowledge about the culture, people and history of Badami.

We hope that knowing about these places will help you explore Badami – A land of Caves better and will enhance your experience too.


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