Most Popular and Influential Toys in the World

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Anyone who grows up in his toy collection with He-Man and Rainbow Brita may be a little biased in choosing the best-selling toys in history. Certain toys pass the test of time and have amazing numbers. Others explode overnight and sell crazy numbers in just a decade or two.

Find out what the best selling toys of all time can teach you how to start selling your product or services. Here are the most famous toys in the world.


A Barbie doll is one of the best known and best selling toys in history. With over a billion dolls sold, Barbie has stamina that other dolls could only dream of. Given the fact that the pint-sized princess has been a staple of popular culture for over 50 years, it’s safe to say that it will be a long time coming.

Easy-Bake Oven:

The Easy Bake oven was founded in 1963, inspired by street vendors, to give children the opportunity to make their own creations. Hasbro reported that more than 30 million ovens were sold for their 50th anniversary and another 150 million refills.

Plush Stuffed Animal:

While other stuffed animals are on this list, this is the only stuffed animal with sequins. Kiddos can choose from 10 different animals, including bear, owl, lamb, dog or unicorn. Each creature is equipped with shimmering, reversible sequins that can change color with a hand wave. You can even create funny patterns in the sequins with your fingers!

Silly Putty:

In 1943, Scottish engineer James Wright combined boric acid and silicone oil in a test tube while working in the General Electric laboratory in New Haven, Connecticut. He then sent it to a number of engineers in the hope that there might be something for his creation. In 1955, children in the age group 6 to 12 were in love with the stuff. Since its inception, more than 300 million eggs have been sold by Silly Putty.


The shape-changing robots must be placed on every list of best-selling toys, although they are only on the market since the 1980s. With the exception of the hugely popular international toy line, the property has already made more than $ 3.7 billion in profits from the five films.

Hot Wheels:

The company produced more than 4 billion cars with 11,000 variations and over 800 models. Mattel estimates that 41 million people grew up with their miniature cars, noting that the average collector has about 1,550 cars in his collection. The average child between five and 15 years has about 41 cars.

Mini RC helicopter Drone:

Quad copters and drones have been on the kids’ wish list for some years, but they can be expensive. So if you find one with excellent reviews, some cool features, and a good price, then it’s a win. And the Holy Stone Predator Quad copter is just that: Affordable with all the fun features kids are looking for in a drone. The Predator has three different speed modes that can be set for Beginner, Advanced and Super Fast for Micro Quad. Colorful LED lights illuminate the body for entertaining night flights, and the Predator can roll and spin at the touch of a button for ultimate tricks. With a few spare parts in case of a breakdown, a USB charging cable, a Li-Ion battery and a small screwdriver for repairs, this quad copter will make children over 14 years very happy.

Hula Hoop:

The hula-hoop tire is considered the first big fad in the sense that the sales on unhealthy sales were unheard of, but as soon as the public was tired of the product, they plummeted. During this period (1958), the company sold more than 100 million hula hoops for $ 1.98 each. Now they are back on a respectable level.

Star Wars Action Figures:

Do not forget the huge popularity of Star Wars action figures. If you choose only the connoisseur line from 1978 to 1985, it is a product that is easily considered as one of the bestselling toys of all time. In a period of seven years Kenner sold more than 300 million campaign numbers. Hasbro has been licensed since the Kenner brand left, and the numbers are still a big money maker for the toy company.


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