Royal Poshaks of Indian Traditional Clothing

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Rajasthan is a state of ethnicity and customs where society is a lot more in tune with their philosophy and rituals. Rajasthan is very famed for its majestic forts, Shrines, Palaces and Historical Monuments which contribute majorly to the tourism industry of this state. It is the state having the maximum historical monuments in India. In Rajasthan, there are over-all 26 forts which mark Rajasthan as the state with highest number of forts.

Rajasthan is also recognised for its palaces and Resorts. It houses some of the most Lavish and High-priced Palaces of India. The meaning of Rajasthan is “The dwelling of the Rajas” which was previously named Rajputana- “The country of the Rajputs”.

There is a large amount of legacy in the arts n crafts industry of Rajasthan. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan that is very popular for its jewellery all over the world. The Rajasthani elegance of clothing is also extremely diverse and distinctive. The turbans sported by the men in Rajasthan are the greatest customary way of clothing which varies conferring to the several districts citizens belong to. The turbans are also identified as pagris and in Rajasthan; these pagris are recognised as Jodhpuri safa and Jaipuriya pagris. The conventional garb worn by women in Rajasthan mostly is a lengthy skirt with a slender waist. These skirts are also called Ghagras in Rajasthan that are available in a lot of diverse colours and designs to be donned. The patterns on the Ghagras are frequently the Lehriya and Mothras prints which are embellished on them exquisitely.

Majestic outfit donned by Rajasthani women is the Rajputi Poshak which encompasses of Ghagra and choli also called kanchali or kurti and Odhani.royal ethnic dresses Ghagra is a floor-length decorated and gathered skirt, which is available with vibrant and gorgeous colours, motifs and cloths such as silk, cotton, georgette, and crêpe. Between all the various motifs, Laharia, Bandhej, Tie n Dye, chundri and mothra are the maximum draped clothes. For preserving the imperial dress of Rajputi Poshak the vintage edgings and Gota-patti design are performed upon the Ghagras of Rajputi Poshak. In Rajputi Poshak is kanchali, Choli and Kurti, are worn on the upper body.

The Empresses of Rajasthan wore Rajputi Poshaks and since then Rajputi Poshak warrants a symbol of royals. Rajputi Poshak is also a popular choice of clothing on special occasions and festive celebrations. It is also available in several styles like Bridal Rajputi Poshak, Multi-coloured Rajputi Poshak, and Handcraft Rajputi Poshak.

The royal ethnic dresses of Rajasthan have made the great difference in the clothing of India. The Indian clothing culture is famous and renowned among various countries. People of other countries love to wear the ethnic clothing of India which covers various design, poshaks, dresses, Sarees, Suits, Gown, Bridal wears, Kurtas and Kurtis etc. A lady who wears rajputi Poshak feels like a royal princess because of the attractive and mind blowing crafting done on the dresses of Rajputana dresses and poshaks. The Indian culture is diversified and filled with various opportunities in the areas of fashion industry and the other industries also. However, this is quite true that people should understand the most exuberant clothing culture of our country.

With the advent of modern technology the ladies have also become up to date with latest fashion trends as everyone in this world would like to move ahead with new things and even with new fashion also.  But, there is a one most famous quote “Old is Gold”. So, it is quite clear that Indian traditional clothing still plays an important and major role in the fashion industry.


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