Do in Dubai as Sheikhs Do!

Villas for Sale in Dubai

Built just only a century ago, Dubai has seemed to behave like a magnet for all the world’s greatest businesses, the great pull of the city has also successfully attracted tourists around the world. There is something in its humid air that makes the people want to wander off and sniff around all the corners of the city and there is no better way to get the authentic Emiratis experience than getting a place for yourself. Fortunately, because of the booming businesses and utter unpredictability of Dubai. It happens to be the city that never runs out of the villa for sale in Dubai or rent.

Emaar Beachfront

Getting a villa within the closest proximity to shimmering blue water is like having your own mini Dubai in Dubai, and besides, what could be more luxurious than waking up to soft laps of water. Tourist cannot only uplift their mood every time they look at the pool outside but can also feel free to ward off the heat and the possible jet lag from all day traveling, by plunging in the pool and getting themselves soaked, Emaar Beachfront can get you the villas with attached pool and make you feel like the sheikh of the town.

Eden the valley

Why wait to die to live in heaven, when there is a perfect paradise on earth?

Eden Valley in Dubai is one of the most picturesque staycations in the world. With ever-expanding green spaces and walkable streets, it is the place to reside for anyone that desires to be surrounded by some greens in the middle of the brown UAE. The Eden valley boasts 4 bedroom apartments with exquisite parks for kids to play and adults to lay. To put it in a nutshell, Eden the valley is quite literally an Eden for someone who is looking for perfect indoors and outdoors.

Emaar South

In order to stir an innovating Sheikh inside you amidst the futuristic Dubai, there is no place better to stay than Emaar south. With super stylish tiered townhouses with excellent golf courses, Emaar South boasts a global community that has never seen before. To further its futuristic aura it offers a perfect landmark for global events and numerous corporate events.

Mina Rashid

Built on the historic Port Rashid, Mina Rashid is sitting injunction to Dubai and the rest of the world, it is an immaculate destination for tourists who want to stay and witness the everlasting fusion of the ancient world and futuristic Dubai. Mina Rashid is spread across an area of nearly 140 million sq. kilometers, with private yachts to boost the extravaganza of life in Dubai. To add more elegance to your Dubai trip, you can book a table in the ancient cruise ship made that has been transformed into a restaurant. Try The Elizabeth 2 and enjoy the feast with the crowning jewels of your life i.e. your loved ones.

Aforementioned are staycations that are the ultimate luxury places in Dubai that would enrich the memories you will make in Dubai and can make you suddenly feel like a Sheikh, but it might also engulf the riches in your bank account and probably is not even advisable if you are choosing to stay in Dubai for a very short time.  Worry not, the above-mentioned places also provide rental services, so you can do little research beforehand on Villa for rent in Dubai.


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