Best Ever Tips If You Are Buying A Property

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Purchasing a property is never an easy task. Edinburgh is a promisingly growing part of the UK, and its capacity to provide a better future makes many people buy their homes here. However, home buying comes with many formalities, struggle, extensive research, and mind-boggling consequences. Confusion on many aspects walks with you paired with ignorance about what exactly happens in home buying.

With a bunch of useful tips, you can make better decisions without much hassle.

Here are they –

Consider the Brexit factor – weaker Pound is best for property investment

No doubt being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh cannot remain untouched from anything that happens in the UK. As the Brexit buzz is a dominating factor since 2016, the property market is one of the sectors in effect.

Weaker Pound’s situation is a good reason for the buyers. If you want to buy a home or any property, this is the best time. Due to economic instability, the real estate market is down. It can be easier for you to purchase a home in your preferred area at an amazingly lower price.

Search the property

Once you see the bigger picture of the national scenario and its impact on the property market, it is time to search for a home. Explore all the areas and keep a keen eye on the budget part.

  • Stockbridge
  • Polwarth
  • Bruntsfield
  • Leith Walk

Above mentioned are some of the areas that are preferred by most of the buyers in Edinburgh. Finalize an area first and then take a ride to know the availability of the necessary facilities. Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, parks & green areas, and everything, should be in proximity. Every small factor is essential and should not go unnoticed.

Do not take careless decisions in the greed to flaunt to your family and friends. Never choose a property that is fantabulous in location and appearance but will suffocate your finances to death.

Look at your financial situation and make the necessary improvements

To buy a home, you need to be extra strong in your finances. Make sure, all your issues are solved, as one weakness on any part may bring the bad news of rejection.

  • Improve debt-to-income ratio if it is below 60:40
  • Go for debt consolidation if you have many scattered obligations
  • Do not keep the repayments due

Arrange the deposit money – if possible MORE than the minimum amount

For sure, you need to gather funds for the down payment that is a minimum of 5%. However, the better way to play safely on the property ladder is to make efforts to arrange for more. Larger the deposit amount, smaller is the mortgage size and lighter is the burden of obligation.

For any decision on Edinburgh property investment, you need to have an adequate arrangement for the down payment. There is no second choice for that. Without this, you may even face issues in getting a home loan.

Start the mission ‘lender search’

A mortgage is an ultimate reality for every homebuyer and for that, lenders are the final destination. The struggle is on the part of research to know which one is best. It takes a lot of time and hard work. If you can manage, then it is fine to talk to numberless lenders and choose a deal wisely. In case you are busy just like any otherworldly human, why not take help from a broker.

It is easy to find a mortgage broker in Edinburgh if you search online. To add a bit of ease to your search, options like John Charcol, Shine Mortgages, etc. can help you with any mortgage need. The policy of ‘no fee’ makes a broker even more reliable.  But do not keep yourself restricted as the sky is the limit when it comes to the options of brokers in the market.

Know the legalities beforehand

From registration of the property to the maintenance fee rules, know about every detail in advance. There can be no compromise on this part as any carelessness can create chaos later. It is also necessary to make sure that no one included in the deal is doing any fraud. From lender to property seller, broker, on all the aspects you need to be on your toes. Make sure that there is no flaw on the part of legal matters.


For sure, Edinburgh is a place of prosperity that is rich in nature as well as future possibilities. With due knowledge of the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, you can make a sensible decision on home buying. It is just a matter of following the basic dos and don’ts and knowing about them does not come with any cost. From finding the best places to live in Edinburgh to choosing a home, everything is easy if you know the basics.


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