8 Benefits of Choosing Outward Remittance to Send Money Abroad

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8 Benefits of Choosing Outward Remittance to Send Money Abroad

Send money abroad, the landscape of overseas money transfers has been transformed. No longer do you have to endure long lines at your bank, clutching a stack of documents, to send money abroad. Instead, the digital age has ushered in a new era of convenience, with numerous online forex portals simplifying the once-complex process of international money transfers.

Forex Online has emerged as a leading contender, offering customers a range of benefits that make Send Money Abroad easier and more cost-effective. In this article, we will delve into the five key advantages of opting for the bank’s online remittance services.

Outward Remittance Helps You Save & Send Money Abroad

When engaging in international fund transfers, the exchange rate is a critical factor that can significantly impact the value of your transaction. In the past, traditional forex vendors often imposed marked-up rates to pad their profits. However, in the current landscape, online forex portals like Forex Online provide customers with exchange rates that closely mirror interbank rates, thereby maximizing the value of your local currency and enabling you to send more foreign currency for your money.

What truly sets Forex Online apart is its commitment to ultra-low commission charges. For transfers under Rs. 1 lakh, the commission charge is a mere 0.15% of the transaction amount. For transfers exceeding Rs. 10 lakh, the commission charge remains modest at Rs. 825/- plus 0.015% of the transaction amount. This dedication to cost-effectiveness ensures that a larger portion of your money reaches its intended destination.

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Send Money Abroad Services Are Remarkably Quick

Gone are the days when overseas money transfers could take as long as a week to complete. The era of extended waiting times is firmly in the past. When you opt for Forex Online to send money abroad to an overseas bank account, you can expect your transaction to be finalized on the same day or at the latest, the following day. This means that your money transfer will reach its destination within a maximum of 48 hours, ensuring that your financial support is delivered promptly.

Send Money Abroad – Outward Remittance Is Secure

Given the prevalence of online fraud, it’s natural to be cautious about entrusting your money transfers to online service providers. However, Forex Online holds authorization from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to provide online money remittance services. This official accreditation underscores the security and reliability of Forex Online.

Furthermore, the association of Forex Online with the bank, a well-established and trusted financial institution, adds an extra layer of assurance. Customers can confidently place their international money transfers in the hands of a reputable banking partner, knowing that their funds are secure.

Send Money Abroad to Over 150 Countries with Outward Remittance

Forex Online proudly stands as one of the pioneers in online remittance services offered by a bank. This innovative platform empowers customers to transfer money online to virtually any corner of the world. With access to over 100+ currencies and serving 150 countries, you can send money abroad from the comfort of your home or office with unparalleled ease and efficiency. This extensive global reach ensures that you can support your loved ones, conduct international business, or make investments across borders with utmost convenience.

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No Account Holder Requirement For Send Money Abroad

Unlike many other banks offering online forex services that necessitate you to maintain an account with them, Outward Remittance services provided by Forex Online are inclusive. You do not need to be an account holder to access their services. Simply transfer your funds to them via RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) or NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), and your transaction will be promptly processed. This inclusivity ensures that international money transfers are accessible to a broader audience.

Send Money Abroad – Transparency in Transactions

Forex Online is committed to transparency in all aspects of send money abroad. You can easily track the progress of your transaction, from initiation to completion, ensuring that you are always in the loop.

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Multilingual Customer Support For Send Money Abroad

To cater to a diverse clientele, Forex Online offers multilingual customer support, making it easier for customers from various linguistic backgrounds to seek assistance and guidance.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of Forex Online ensures that even those new to online money transfers can navigate the platform with ease. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, send money abroad has never been more straightforward.

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Conclusion: Empowering Your International Money Transfers

In conclusion, the decision to choose Forex Online for your international money transfers offers an array of benefits that enhance the overall experience. These advantages encompass cost-effectiveness, speed, security, global reach, inclusivity, transparency, multilingual support, and user-friendliness. We trust that this article has shed light on the significant advantages of using Forex Online for your overseas money transfer needs.

As you embark on your next send money abroad, consider the convenience and value offered by Forex Online. May your financial support reach its destination swiftly and securely, forging connections and opportunities across borders.


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