New-age two wheeler insurance policies to cover repairs at home!

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Insurance was once synonymous with red-tapism and loads of formalities. Not too long ago, making a claim & getting compensation meant loads of form filling and tedious documentation. However, Insure- Tech companies have eased things considerably. They have made most two wheeler insurance procedures extremely simple, so much so that dealing with insurance processes is next to child’s play. One of the areas which have seen significant improvement is the claims process & getting your bike repaired through insurance. This article will look at one way how the new-age insurance companies are making this vital part of insurance even simpler by bringing their services right to your doorstep.

But first, what was the previous two wheeler insurance process like?

Two wheeler insurance

Previously, the two-wheeler claim insurance process used to be a time-consuming affair. In cases, like accidents or break-down of your bike or scooter, you need to address every detail to your insurance company. You have to make a note of the registrations of the other vehicles involved, taking the names and contact details of the other motorists, passengers or witnesses. You need to give a proper sketch of what happened in the accident before getting your bike repaired. After this, a surveyor used to come to see the current condition of your vehicle and after doing all computation, you used to get the reimbursement. In addition to this, you have to make a note of your location, street address, and accordingly, you used to inform your insurance company about the mishap. Previously this whole conventional bike repair and claim settlement process used to be expensive, as you have to pay for the company’s high operational cost. Hence, the overall process was used to be highly complicated like reading a research paper, as it involves maximum paperwork and minimal convenience.

Now, repairs will come to you!

But from now on wards, you don’t have to experience these kinds of hassles to get your bike repaired. Well, with the advancement of time, some insurance companies are providing on the spot vehicle repairing facility. So, what it is? Basically, two wheeler insurance companies have tied-up with a vast network of garages and service centers located close to your house. So, in the event of an accident or major break-down of your 2-wheeler, a mechanic from the nearest garage comes to your house to repair your bike or scooter. Sounds convenient, right? Yes, there are some insurance companies who provide such easy to process convenient schemes. The major advantage of this new age two wheeler insurance policy is that you don’t have to pay the money upfront. The concerned insurance company negotiates with the garage mechanic and fixes the rates for tasks performed by the mechanic such as painting, denting, or replacing any motor parts. This is where you will be glad that you opted for cashless insurance, in the first place!

Alternative-Cashless Garage Facility

There are some insurance companies who provide cashless garage facility for their customers. A two-wheeler insurance policy with cashless garage simply means that an insurance company has tied up with a vast network of garages. You will be required to walk into that particular garage located close to your house and you need to show your insurance documents. In this, you are not required to pay any repair expenses from your pocket as the concerned insurance company will directly settle the bills within the garage. So, if you are about to purchase two wheeler insurance policy online, we would suggest you check for the number of garage tie-ups, the particular insurance company has, and whether the garages are authorized or not? In addition to this, you can check whether the garages are capable of servicing claims for the vehicle. You can check the complete list is available on the particular insurance company official websites.

Hope this information helps you to choose the right and new age insurance provider!


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