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Rohit was planning to visit Monaco, a tiny independent city-state on France’s Mediterranean coastline with his family. So, they were busy shopping around, packaging luggage, booking flight tickets and hotel rooms, etc.

However, the one thing that slipped out his mind was to convert the money required in the foreign nation. For a moment he was worried, as he had hardly any time left to fly off and had to convert the cash as well. He planned to exchange the money at the airport counters, and carry some international credit/debit cards along with him. But when his office colleague Priyanka explained him about the drawbacks and how he will be duped with higher exchange rates, processing fee, conversion rates, etc. for a moment he was tensed. He couldn’t decide what exactly he should go for. Well! Priyanka then introduced him to amazing way of buying foreign exchange through forex online services.

Earlier, when people had to visit abroad they had to take the pain of visiting the bank or forex vendors offices, fill-up forms, getting the money convert in desired currency and finally carry huge bundles of cash or traveller’s cheque all at their own risks.

However, forex online offers a host of services for customers such as to make an international money transfer, buy forex online or forex card at the comfort of sitting at your home, office or while on the go. You no more have to go through the pains and hassles of currency conversion during the sultry afternoon or bone-chilling winters.

All you need is a good internet connection, set up an account with the desired forex service online and you’re set to buy forex at some of the most unbeatable exchange rates with a low processing fee.

Online Foreign ExchangeForex online is the new niche in the foreign exchange services in India. Along with private vendors, some of the leading banks have also jumped into the competition and provide benefits to customers with their unbeatable exchange rates and low processing fees. The services enable to send money abroad to the foreign bank account, avail a forex card or buy foreign currency to travel abroad, completely online.

All you have to do is register, get yourself verified and avail the forex facilities from the comfort of home, office without visiting the branches. The best thing is when you order currency online you can get it delivered to your doorstep as well. If you buy a forex card you can load your card with over 100+ currencies of 150 countries across the globe. The most amazing thing it’s you’re hard earned money, you get the foreign currency at best possible exchange rates and you’re no more implied with currency conversion rates or service taxes etc. just like using international credit/ debit cards.

Since these services are available 24 X 7 you don’t have to wait back for operational hours, bank holidays or international holidays to choose your preferred rates. Once you log in you can check the rates, lock them, transfer money from your bank account to forex account and you will get your desired currency at your rates. Although, you may not come across the best rates on all days, however, most of the times you will get unbeatable exchange rates! And with round the year discounts and exciting offers, you can always stay on the winning side!


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