Bike Insurance Calculator

A bike insurance calculator is a free online tool that helps estimate the premium of your insurance policy. To use the calculator, all you need to do is select the make and model of the vehicle, ex-showroom price, registration date, the city of registration, and type of two-wheeler insurance policy you wish to purchase. You can also modify it by selecting add-ons and no claim bonus depending on your preferences.

How to use a bike insurance calculator?

The following are the steps to buy bike insurance policy online or calculate bike insurance calculator.

STEP 1: Fill in your bike’s registration number and your mobile number and click on the quote.

STEP 2: Next, you will have to enter the registration date, production year, and city of registration. After filling in all these, click on continue.

STEP 3: Now select the brand of your bike. After doing so, you will get a list of models to choose from under the selected brand.

STEP 4: After that, you will have to select the variant of your two-wheeler. You can choose from the options given or type the detail manually into the search bar.

STEP 5: If you have made a two-wheeler insurance claim in the past, then select it and submit.

STEP 6: You will have to select the bike insurance add ons depending on your needs and requirement. After doing so, you can request the quote for your bike insurance policy.

What are the benefits of using a bike insurance calculator?

The following are the benefits of using a bike insurance calculator.

  1. Assists in deciding the IDV of your vehicle

A two-wheeler insurance calculator assists the owner in deciding the IDV of their vehicle. This value is the maximum amount that you will be paid during claim settlement by your insurance provider. It is important to inform the correct IDV of your vehicle to the insurance company because that will be the amount you will receive in case of a total loss or theft of your vehicle. You can see how increasing or decreasing your IDV will affect the premium of your plan and set the IDV as per your preferences.

  1. Helps to choose the right add-ons

Add-ons allows you to tailor the coverage for your vehicle to protect it against possible damages and accidents. However, add-ons can also increase your bike insurance premium. So, by using the calculator, you can see how much each add-on alters your two-wheeler insurance outgo. This will help you select the right combination of additional covers for your bike.

  1. Provides the best bike insurance premium

With the help of a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator, you can analyze different bike insurance quotes from various insurance companies, that will help you select the best policy according to your requirements and needs.

  1. Easy to operate

Using a bike insurance calculator is not rocket science. It is very easy to operate. All you need to do is enter the details asked about your bike and you get a quote and the value of your vehicle in no time.

  1. Saves money

Bike insurance calculators help you find affordable insurance policies. Besides, it also allows you to understand the factors that affect your two wheeler insurance policy premium, and accordingly, you can adjust them as per your needs. Moreover, you can also compare the policies on your own, hence, eliminating the need of reaching out to an agent which may cost a little extra.


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