5 important safety tips for new riders.

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Riding a motorcycle is extremely liberating, it’s a lot of fun and an extremely fuel-efficient way to get around town. This is a combination that draws a lot of people towards biking. However, riding a motorcycle is also quite perilous when compared to driving a car. In fact, a number of individuals might state that riding a motorcycle exposes you to accidents.

Though this is not completely false, an accident can happen to you whether you’re riding a bike, driving a car or walking down the street. The point is that these things cannot be predicted, they can however, be prevented & prepared for by taking the right proactive steps. For example, you can prepare for the financial costs of an accident by purchasing an appropriate two wheeler insurance policy.

When it comes to physical injuries and actually preventing an accident from occurring, you could employ the following safety tips. They should ensure that you enjoy every ride without having unfortunate events.

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1. Choose your bike wisely:

Flashy bikes might look attractive but the truth of the matter is that you should only buy the sort of bike you can handle. It shouldn’t be too heavy or too fast. Your feet should reach the ground easily and the handle bar should be easy for you grip. The better suited the bike is for you, the more control you have over it and lower are the chances of an accident. Not only is this a safety tip, but bigger, larger bikes usually have higher two wheeler insurance premiums – thus opting for smaller capacity is both safe and a money saver.

2. Anti-lock brakes:

Most bikes in India do not come with these fitted. But these brakes can be a real life-saver in scenarios where you need to jam the brakes hard. Having ABS ensures your tires don’t lock when you slam the brakes and that you have more control in perilous situations. If you need more impetus to install such brake, you should know that insurance companies might provide lowered premiums if you’ve added such a safety feature to your two-wheeler.

3. Ride like a car:

Some riders tend to weave in and out of traffic. This is a very perilous thing to do and can often lead to accidents. Moreover, when you drive like a car, your movements tend to be more stable &predictable, allowing other motorist to drive accordingly. Observing lane discipline also happens to be a mandate by law, and if an accident were to occur while haphazardly switching lanes, there are chances that your two wheeler insurance policy might not provide cover for the repair costs.

4. Check all equipment before riding off:

Mirrors, turn indicators, tail lights & headlights – check them all before you ride. Having both mirrors is essential to have the situational awareness required while riding. Turn indicators give other motorists a head-up of your intended moves. Tail lights ensure that when you brake or slow down; people behind get the signal to do the same. Taillights & headlamps are also extremely important when riding in the dark as they make you visible to motorists. Having a bike that’s completely road worthy also goes a long way in ensuring a successful claim on two wheeler insurance.

5. Wear a helmet.

If in case an accident does occur, a helmet could be the difference between life and death. Sure, there’s nothing like feeling the wind your face as you cruise down the highway – you should put safety first and always wear a helmet.
To conclude, being safe means having the right two wheeler insurance policy and using the tips mentioned above. Together, they safeguard you from an accident and the financial costs of the same. We hope this article has been helpful.

Good luck and all the best!


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