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This Article on Jobs after AWS Certification features a brief intro to the Amazon Web Services. It focuses on the benefits of AWS Certifications along with various types of AWS Certifications available and various jobs opportunities that you can get after getting an AWS Certification.


Amazon Web Service is the undisputed champion when it comes to public cloud service providers. Several global companies like Airbnb, McDonald’s, Netflix are now running their business on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. There has been a paradigm shift in the approach towards workload management as the companies are now migrating their workloads to the public cloud. This shift has created a huge demand for individuals who possess skillsets to design, deploy and manage the application on clouds. If you are an IT person and you are looking a job change or a new role in your organization or simply want to upgrade your knowledge and competency level, having an AWS Certification can become can take you to new heights in your career.

AWS Certification Benefits:

If you are yet to figure out why you should pursue AWS Certification. Here are the points that can motivate you to get an AWS Certification.

  • Validates your AWS abilities and knowledge
  • Increases probability to get a hike in salary
  • Makes you attractive in the job market
  • Shows commitment to a profession
  • Expands odds of getting hired
  • Opens doors for new job opportunities

Types of AWS Certification:

  1. Associate tier
  2. Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  3. Certified Developer Associate
  4. Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
  5. Professional tier
  6. Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  7. DevOps Professional
  8. Specialty tier
  9. Security
  10. Advanced Networking
  11. Big Data

Jobs that you can get after AWS Certification:

AWS CertificationAmazon Web Services (AWS) certifications can open the doors to several most astounding paying jobs. It will enable you to get over the danger of up-down coming careers. Once you are an AWS certified professional, there are numerous job opportunities for you. Here is a list of a few jobs that you can get with an AWS Certification

  1. AWS Cloud Architect:

AWS Cloud Architect is the position that is specifically associated with engineers as well as clients. Their main aim is to provide an interface with the stakeholders and technical leadership. The cloud architect has to take lead in architecting, building, and maintaining highly available, cost-efficient, and scalable AWS cloud environments.

2. SysOps Administrator:

An AWS SysOps Administrator is one who is in charge of the effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of virtual systems, software, and related infrastructures.

3. Cloud Developer:

Cloud developers are in charge of the development of programming applications and solutions for the organization. If you have an expertise in software development, you can combine this experience with the working knowledge of AWS platform to get a job of cloud developer.

4. Cloud DevOps Engineer:

A DevOps engineer is the senior developer who has possess skills in network operations and system deployment. Their role is to design AWS cloud solutions that impact and improve the business. This job requires you to have multiple skills with deep knowledge and hands-on experience on the AWS platform. These days companies are constantly searching for Cloud DevOps Engineers to set up DevOps culture in the organization. your chances of getting an AWS job almost doubles if you have validated your skills with AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification.

5. Key Account Manager:

A key account manager is the one who looks after the sales management of cloud storage, server, and products. He additionally has the obligation to oversee the customer accounts in order to make the target of expedient purchase decisions. Driving adoption, revenue, market penetration and managing large and diverse customer base in the market is the responsibility of Key Account Manager. This job is most suitable for those who have substantial experience in managerial, purchase or sales roles along with the working knowledge of AWS cloud.

6. Cloud Software Engineer:

There is an extraordinary chance to grow a career with Amazon Web Services if you are a software engineer who has done programming either in Python, Ruby, JavaScript or C++. You need to validate your software design and development skills with the help of AWS Certification and emerge out of the crowd in the job market. You have to begin with the associate level AWS developer certification and afterward, you can choose to go for the professional level certification exam for further growth.

7. Operation Support engineer:

An Operational Support Engineer is in charge of monitoring and highlights any operational issues reported with a company’s tooling. They additionally assist with environment upgrades.

8. AWS System Integrator:

System Integrators usually works as a part of a team that supports complex deployment and troubleshooting works. This job requires a profound understanding of cloud computing, AWS platform, and IT systems. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the widely used and most popular cloud services provider which offers essential storage, infrastructure, messaging, networking etc. to the clients all across the world. Several businesses, as well as government organizations, are relying on AWS for cloud services and solutions. So, it is evident that the demand for system integrators is going to increase so as to handle the surge in troubleshooting and deployment of AWS applications.

9. AWS Big Data Specialist:

An AWS Big Data expert is one who can plan and actualize big data services for getting relevant and decision-making information from huge data sets. For this position, one must have noteworthy experience in data analytics. According to JanBask Training “If you have specialization in architecting and defining AWS big data services which can enable the organization to analyse and maintain data then there’s a huge opportunity waiting for you in AWS jobs”. The chances for you to get a job in AWS increases manifold if you are an AWS certified big data specialist.


The field of cloud computing is evolving. Amazon is continuously developing its services resulting in the release of several new features and services every year, thus it expected that number of new certifications related to different domains can come up in future. The key to the rise in a career, is continuous learning and up gradation of your skills from time to time. A certification is a comprehensive illustration of your knowledge at a particular point in time. The genuine AWS experts don’t hold up till the time their certification expires– they develop a good habit to remain updated with most recent development. Due to the enormous demand for AWS experts in the market and lack of supply, they are paid heavily.


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